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Following are some writings which may be relevant...

For Christchurch:

A Provisional Manifesto for the Architecture of Christchurch - Shortly after the September earthquake I wrote a manifesto which was submitted to the 'Ideas for Christchurch' exhibition and website. This manifesto was revised somewhat in June and sent in as part of my submission to the central city plan, and this is the version included here.

Comments on the Proposed Central City Plan  - This is my response to some of the rules outlined in Volume 2 of the Proposed Central City Plan. While Volume 1 is for the most part very good, at least in its intent, Volume 2 details the rules any new development would need to comply with. These rules are generally quite bad, and often contradict the intent outlined in Volume 1.

On Saving the Christchurch Cathedral - There has been much talk about the future of our Anglican cathedral, an awful lot of it fuelled by bad information and poorly thought out ideas. The cathedral can be saved, it should be saved, and with the time and money available can easily be saved and made perfectly safe. Here is why and how. (Note that this was written in 2012. We now know that the building is not as badly damaged as first thought, and is more easily repairable that we first thought. Most of the stained glass has now been salvaged and is restoreable, and we now know about techniques available for strengthening the stonework in-situ.)

More Generally:

An Introduction to the Principles of Traditional Architecture - An outline of what goes into the property some buildings have that we call 'character' and how it can be achieved. This is based mainly on observation and absorbing Ruskin's arguments but not necessarily all of his conclusions.
The Commercial Building: What it is and what it should be -  A discussion of the modern commercial building, its use and its flaws, followed by a discussion of what is necessary in a good commercial building today and in the future.

More will show up eventually...

James Carr - June 2012