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Following are a handful of projects none of which have yet come to fruition...

Renegade scheme for a new Christchurch Central Library - An alternative proposal for a new public library in Christchurch, on a site fronting Gloucester Street, Colombo Street and Cathedral Square. It it intended to challenge conventional thinking about what a major public building should be a 21st century city.

Latimer Gardens - A competition entry for an urban village on a site the North end of Latimer Square. The proposal consists of three blocks of terrace houses, a block of terrace houses with shops beneath, an apartment building with shops on the ground floor facing Madras Street and a restaurant on the corner. The commercial parts face outwards, while the residential portion all opens onto a large tree-fringed courtyard lawn and shared garden. It may be viewed here, and the rest of the competition entries here. It was not placed.

Proposal for a bank in central Christchurch - A design prepared for a developer to market to the owner of a site on Hereford Street. The version marketed was finished in smooth plaster instead of brick, but the land owner decided not to proceed.

Neoclassical commercial building proposal - An idea for a commercial building with a brick neoclassical frontage. The idea was to use brick work and glass-fibre reinforced concrete as permanent formwork for a sprayed-concrete structural facade.

Proposal for a building on Armagh Street - A proposal for a commercial building to replace a condemned 1970s office building on a site running between Armagh Street and Cambridge Terrace. The idea was to create an attractive, versatile and timeless building able to be assembled from a relatively small kitset of precast concrete components.

Proposal for a building on High Street in Rangiora - A proposal to replace a much altered and inefficient single-storey shop building on a corner on High Street in Rangiora. It was to be a base isolated building using precast concrete components in the lower two floors and timber framing above.

Triangle Court - Sketched for a competition hosted by the NZSEE as an adjunct to their 2012 conference. It is a complex intended to replace the Triangle Centre on Cashel, Colombo and High Streets in central Christchurch. In structure and detail it is not dissimilar to the Rangiora building above, but shown in greater detail and proposed on a much larger scale.

James Carr - November 2014