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Mount Pleasant cottage tab

Cottage on Mount Pleasant: This is a small house designed in the spirit of the work of Samuel Hurst-Seager. It is intended to be as energy efficient as practicable with minimum embodied energy and careful consideration of the lifecycle of its components, while being as easy to live in and as cute as reasonably practicable. It is intended to be built in mid-2021.

Urban village tab

Latimer Gardens: A competition entry for an urban village on a site the North end of Latimer Square. The proposal includes terrace houses, an apartment building with shops facing Madras Street and a restaurant on the corner. The commercial parts face outwards, while the residential portion all opens onto a large tree-fringed courtyard lawn and shared garden.

Alternative library tab

Renegade scheme for a new Christchurch Central Library: An alternative proposal for a new public library in Christchurch, on the site where Tūranga now sits, prepared in early 2015. It was intended to challenge conventional thinking about what a major public building could be a 21st century city.

bank tab

Proposal for a bank in central Christchurch: A design prepared by James Carr on behalf of W2 Limited for a developer to market to the owner of a site on Hereford Street. The land-owner decided not to proceed.

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