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Garden path concept: This could be carried out under a co-housing model, or it could just as easily be a small subdivision.  We see this in many parts of Wellington and even parts of Christchurch on the hills where sections have been developed long ago with no hope of workable vehicular access.  Why not do this on the flat and work in cycle paths and not waste money and space on road surface? It won't suit everyone, but it will have at least some appeal.

Traditional north European city house tab

Traditional European town house model: This is something we are familiar with but it is rarely seen here.  It won't suit everyone, but it will appeal to enough that it should at least be allowed at the fringes of the central city and suburban nodes.

Pre-war American suburbia tab

Traditional pre-war American inner suburbia: This is a model some of us may know from movies and TV.  It allows for relatively high density while retaining individual and individualistic houses with gardens and sheds, and can easily be geared to foster community spirit. It should appeal to many New Zealanders with relatively little modification.

Small apartment buildings tab

Small Apartment Buildings: Another pattern more common overseas. These exist already but good ones are rare and current rules make mixed-use difficult.  For those without dependants who want to live without driving on a day-to-day basis and do not wish to garden this can be quite appealing.

Provisional manifesto tab

A Provisional Manifesto for the Architecture of Christchurch: Shortly after the September 2010 earthquake I wrote a manifesto which was submitted to the 'Ideas for Christchurch' exhibition and website. This manifesto was revised somewhat in June 2011 and sent in as part of my submission to the central city plan, and this is the version included here.

More to come (eventually)…

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