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Pre-war north American inner suburbs

This is a model some of us may know from movies and TV.  It allows for relatively high density while retaining individual and individualistic houses with gardens and sheds and can easily be geared to foster community spirit. It should appeal to many New Zealanders with relatively little modification.  The style of the houses is irrelevant, the American ones being generally shingle style and Queen-Anne Victorian. Here in New Zealand we could use any of our modernist styles, Queen-Anne Victorian, our own weatherboard, brick or stucco takes on the Arts and Crafts movement, or anything else that appeals to us for that matter.

This shows the typical pre-war north American development pattern, with long, narrow sections with a tall wooden house set back from the street giving enough room for large shade trees and a deep front verandah, and enough room at the back for a generous garden and more large trees. The houses are typically two to four stories tall with only a driveway or footpath width between them. There are no recession planes, and the houses are usually aligned with their neighbours. The main rooms face the street or the garden, with mainly service spaces facing the driveway. The front verandah is a pleasant place to be in summer and encourages spontaneous interaction between neighbours. Garaging (if present) is at the back.

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